fsharp-mode 0.8

Robin Neatherway - Tue 12 March 2013 - fsharp, emacs

It's time for another release. Version 0.8 contains plenty of bug fixes and cleanup, along with a number of new features including some very nice work from @chris_barrett. Here's a quick tour.

fsharp-doc mode

Implemented as a minor mode, fsharp-doc displays the type signature of the symbol at point in the minibuffer on idle.

Type signature displayed on idle

Error navigation

It is now possible to navigate between errors with M-n and M-p. If point is within an error overlay, then the error text is displayed in the minibuffer. The error highlighting now uses the standard emacs faces, which are probably set by your theme (here pink is an error and orange is a warning). It is still possible to mouse over a highlighted error to see the error message as a tooltip.

Navigate between errors


  • Autocompletion suggestions on '.'
  • Automatically start completion process on entering fsharp-mode if not already running
  • Compilation (C-c C-c) automatically suggests xbuild or msbuild if found on PATH and an .fsproj or .sln is found above this directory
  • Loading a project with C-c C-p suggests closest enclosing .fsproj file
  • Better terminal support using the popup package for tooltips

Bug reports, feedback and suggestions are welcome on twitter, github or the fsharp-opensource mailing list.